About Us

Our Approach

Homesteading and Vlarming! Join us as we travel down this path of rediscovery, unknowns, and yes we cans! Showing you our triumphs and learning experiences along the way. Its not failure if we learn something doing it! Celebrate with us our successes and give us your tips, tricks and ideas along the way. 🙂 We are modern homesteaders. We still enjoy the comfort of technology, however we are looking for way to less dependent on the grid and more dependent on ourselves.  Ready Set Grow!

Our Story

We are empty nesters getting back to the land. It's myself Angela, My husband Nathan and our two guards Big Mack Bully and Peanut Buddy. Oh and right now our 11 hens and 1 Rooster Brock! 🙂 We would like to make something to pass down to our kids and grand-kids and be able to teach them a way of living that is sustainable!